5 Celebrities Who Don’t Care About Pleasing Fashion Critics

Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions about fashion and what actually looks good – so where do fashion critics fit in? These 5 celebrities say they don’t understand why anyone would care about how they are judged when hitting the red carpet and they dress to please themselves. Not afraid to land on a ‘Worst Dressed’ list, these stars just wear what their heart desires and they think that’s what true style is all about in the first place. Here is what they’ve said about ignoring critics.

Emmy Rossum


Speaking on picking a dress for an Oscars party, Emmy says she simply selects what she likes: “I feel really good about my choice so far. I don’t care about that [fashion critics]. I just pick something that makes me feel good and if nobody else like it then there’s always next year.”

January Jones

January doesn’t know why anyone would care about what fashion critics have to say about what looks good: “Those people don’t have degrees in fashion. Why would I care what they say?”

Kerry Washington

Kerry just tries to make herself happy: “It’s important to always dress to make yourself happy, because if you’re always trying to please other people you’re never going to feel fulfilled. You have to make sure that when you walk out of the house that you feel good about yourself.”

Lena Dunham

Lena says she often enjoys being told she’s dressed badly: “I love clothes but I don’t care about best dressed and worst dressed lists. I actually get a perverse pleasure from being told I look horrible. So I get designers I love to make me dresses I’m excited about and then I wear them, and whatever the reaction is, I feel stoked.”

Sienna Miller

Sienna always dresses for herself and doesn’t take critics seriously: “I definitely don’t take it seriously, I dress for me. I tend to love the outfits that end up on the worst pages anyway – they’re my favourite.”