5 Celebrities Who Deny Their Rivalries With Other Stars

While most stars are constantly pitted against each other, these celebrities deny they have rivals and say they support the people who they are technically up against in their career field. Some have formed friendships or bonds with their supposed rivals and say they only support those people, while others just don’t believe in seeing people as their rivals because they think it’s unhealthy.



Drake denies that he is rivals with Kanye West: “Me and ‘Ye (West) just fell into this thing where we hadn’t actually talked to each other in so long that all this stuff got built up. Sometimes you just have to find the opportunity to tell someone that you really like and respect them. After that, everything can move forward.”

Lily Collins

Lily says she doesn’t compete against Kristen Stewart: “Kristen and I have laughed about the fact that we’re apparently ‘rivals.’ And it’s just funny to us. I’m excited for her and that version is so utterly different than ours. I think that people are going to get different things out of each one.”

Matthew Morrison

Matthew says there are no rivals on the set of ‘Glee’ and they all support each other: “We’re very supportive. I’m excited because Naya [Rivera] and Amber [Riley] are working on their new albums. I’m really excited for them. I feel like they’re voices that should be heard. I respect them as artists.”

Naomi Watts

Naomi says she is close friends with Nicole Kidman and they aren’t in competition: “I’ve watched her deal with things in incredible ways. It’s always been a twin goal of mine that I could be successful and at the same time maintain anonymity. I don’t want to be someone who’s watched by everyone. I want to be the observer still. Acting is about being a blank canvas. And celebrity takes that power away. I’ve certainly never been jealous of Nicole.”


Rihanna says she doesn’t see Beyonce as a rival: “She’s definitely not the enemy, it’s not a competition. I love her, I love her so much. “I’ve bought that album three times – because my friends keep stealing it from me.”