5 Celebrities Who Crave Anonymity

Craving the ability to go out without being recognised, these 5 celebrities wish they could blend in to a crowd and not be constantly approached by fans when they step out. Wishing they could do the simple things that their fame now prevents, these stars say they often crave anonymity.

Angelina Jolie


Angelina loved when she was free to walk around NYC without being recognised: “I do miss anonymity. I lived in New York in my early 20s and I used to just walk block after block. I loved it. In Cambodia we live very locally and ride elephants and hang out in the streams and be with local people who are our friends.”


Beyonce misses the simple things in life: “Before I was famous I was the girl on the hill with a guitar. I was the girl that just wanted a beautiful view of the beach. Now that I’m famous it’s really, really difficult to do very simple things. I think it’s the hardest thing to give up, but my mother always taught me to be strong and to never be a victim, never make excuses, never expect anyone else to provide me things that I know I can provide for myself.”

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer would love to be able to relax in a cafe without worrying: “I’m sure anyone who goes through some lack of anonymity has fantasies about going back to a time where they could just do anything they wanted. Sit in an outdoor cafe, but then, you know, I wouldn’t be able to do the work that I do.”

Liv Tyler

Liv loves when she can be anonymous: “Anonymity is like gold to me – it’s so valuable and precious. And I love places where I can relax and not worry about standing out or being looked at.”

Paris Hilton

Paris tries to disguise herself but it rarely works: “I try to sometimes travel… I’ll wear a wig and I try to go unnoticed, but it doesn’t ever work. No matter what country I go to, people recognise me and know who I am. Then again, its part of the business I’m in and you just have to accept that there’s never gonna be any privacy.”