5 Celebrities Who Are Big Fans of the Kardashians

Posted by PZ on June 12th, 2015

The Kardashians always seem to divide people who either love them or hate them, and everyone has their own opinion on the show and the people themselves. These 5 celebrities have revealed that they’re big fans of the famous family. Some say they love to tune in to ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, while others just admire them as people or even appreciate their style. Here are 5 stars who weren’t afraid to admit they love Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and eveyone else!

Ashley Tisdale


Ashley admires their style and thinks they always look gorgeous: “I love the Kardashians–they’re always ready at any moment! Their taste is cute and very chic.”

Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce once ended up watching every episode of ‘KUWTK’ and fell in love: “I had never watched it, and then when I was super-pregnant, I was overdue and I actually had a pretty bad injury and I got put on bed rest and I couldn’t move. So I just watched The Kardashians, I never watched it before! I just really wanted to see what this is all about. And I have since watched every single episode. I love it … I love it.”

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer admits she has become very interested in the family and loves staying up to date with their news: “I sadly am very much interested in the Kardashian-Jenner thing. That’s a guilty pleasure for sure.”

Jennifer Lawrence

Kim Kardashian revealed that she once bumped into Jennifer and the actress shared how much she loves the show with her: “I was in NYC and I ran into Jennifer Lawrence. We said, ‘Hi’ and I walked into the elevator and as the doors were closing, she screamed across the lobby, ‘I love your show.’ We were laughing so hard.”

Katy Perry

Katy says she admires the whole family: “Listen, Kris Jenner is very important to me. That is not sarcastic at all. She has a great sense of humor and she’s kind of like the mother of everyone. I was thinking the other day, we’ve all had our own commentary on the Kardashians, but if they hadn’t existed, we wouldn’t have had the fantastic Bruce Jenner who is just evolving everybody right now with all of his wonderfulness. So, the Kardashians in my book are completely valid.”

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