5 Celebrities Who Are Addicted to Shopping

These 5 celebrities are all known to shop until they drop! They can’t stop waving their credit card in their air when they see something they like, and they regularly fall in love with stuff that they just need to call their own – it doesn’t matter if it’s an addiction to shoes, designer clothes or even random household items! Unable to stop themselves when that special something catches their eye, these celebrities drop big bucks and rack up huge bills due to their unstoppable shopping habit. Here is what they have to say about their personal addictions to pressing that buy button or filling their carts to the top!



Eve says she just can’t say no when she sees something she likes: “I just have a problem I really have to look at myself. If I’m in a place and I see something that I want, I get excited, visibly excited. I get headaches, like, ‘I must have this.’ If they don’t have my size I get depressed.”