5 Celebrities With Weird Scars

Going on the run starting yesterday, here are celebrities who have sexier deformities. These deformities are called scars, and in many cases they’re attributed to freak accidents or childhood hijinx…

Sharon Stone- Neck Scar 

Sharon Stone has a neck scar from when she was thrown from a horse after running into a taut rope? Sounds like a silent film gag. Anyhow, better yet: the scar has its own website, which is more than I have. Thanks for making me look bad, Sharon Stone’s scar .

Catherine Zeta-Jones- Tracheotomy Scar 

This Welsh actress had a tracheotomy when she was a young girl, but often wears heavy necklaces to hide it. Yeah, we don’t care. She’s still gorgeous, just like Elizabeth Taylor, who also had a trach scar!

Harrison Ford- Chin Scar 

He’s got a hot chin scar, from trying to fasten his seat belt and then getting into an accident. Not so glamorous, folks.

Tina Fey- Side of Face Scar 

She got it from a dog bite, but it’s not super visible nowadays even though it’s squarely planted on the left side of her face.

Sandra Bullock– Eyebrow Scar 

Why she has the scar is unknown, and clearly a bane on her thriving career. That’s called sarcasm, folks. You dig?