5 Celebrities Who Don’t Like to Wear Makeup

With the pressure on to always look amazing, it’s surprising to find celebrities who are willing to step out the door with less than full makeup, but there are plenty who are confident enough in their own looks to go out with no makeup or just a light layer to cover any blemishes. Some simply like to give their skin time to breathe, while others are more concerned with other important things and don’t want to waste their day doing perfect makeup before they go out. These 5 stars all like to keep their beauty look as natural as possible and still always look amazing when they’re seen on their day off!

Claire Danes

Claire doesn’t like to wear makeup during the day if she can: “I don’t typically wear make-up during the day. I’m so accustomed to wearing makeup in my work – it’s probably the reason why I am less inclined to wear make-up in life. I’m pretty low-maintenance, which is another reason why Latisse is so great, I can afford to be lazier – it does all the work for me. I’ve worked with such skilful makeup artists and hairdressers that, ironically, I’m that much more ignorant about how to apply make-up myself.”

Nicole Richie

Nicole concentrates on sunglasses which cover up her eyes when she doesn’t wear any makeup:”We are introducing sunglass this season. Sunglasses play a huge role in my life simply because I don’t wear make-up. Over time I’ve grown to like elaborate frames and fun lenses and it was important to me to bring this out for my collection.”

Kate Hudson

Kate says she doesn’t wear any makeup which is bad when the photographers catch up with her: “It’s kind of nice because I don’t like being made up, I feel like I’m a guy like that. I’m the kind of person who walks out of my house and doesn’t even think about putting on make-up, unless I have a big old zit, then I’ll try to cover it! But I’m not really a fussy person. I pay for it sometimes, because when you’re getting your picture taken you think, ‘God, I really should have put on a little blush because that is just not OK’ But I can’t be bothered, who has got the time when you have kids? You’d rather be doing other things.”

Halle Berry

Halle likes to let her skin breathe when possible: ”I hardly ever wear make-up. I like to give my skin a break – let it breathe. It’s cleansing your skin, watching what you eat, no smoking, not too much drinking, no sugar – just simple. And using sunscreen! If you don’t have a good base, then it doesn’t matter what you put on it – it’s not going to look as great as it could.”

Gemma Arterton

Gemma likes a natural look and only applies a light layer: “This is just my face. I don’t like wearing make-up really. Of course there’s a little bit on there – I would have to be very brave completely natural. I try not to wear it as much as I can though.”