5 Celebrities Who Say They Are or Were Tomboys

Posted by PZ on July 20th, 2012

We’re all a little tomboy-ish from time to time, but these 5 stars have all claimed that they’ve been a big tomboy at least at some point in their lives. Many grew up hanging out with their brothers and ended up being a little boyish and rough because of it, while others just always hated pink stuff and anything girlie! Some grew out of the tomboy phase as they became teenagers, while other still claim to be big tomboys to this day because they love sports or other boy-ish activities. One of these stars appears to be one of the biggest girlie girls there is, but she says she is a tomboy at heart!

Carey Mulligan

Carey was a big tomboy and would spend lots of time with her brother and his friends – she didn’t have a proper boyfriend until her late teen years: “I didn’t have a proper boyfriend until I was 19. I was a bit of a tomboy growing up with my brother and his friends, so I was nervous about that stuff. I’m more romantic now and more easily swept away than when I was 16.”

Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton says she is actually a huge tomboy – she loves sports and animals: “I’m actually a real tomboy. A lot of people only see me on the runway, or at parties, or on the red carpet. I’m usually at a pet store or at my ranch or a farm. And I like to go fishing and I like to go look at frogs – like, I’m really random like that. I think people don’t realise I’m a little kid at heart. If people don’t know me, they don’t realise I’m very childlike. My favourite thing is to be out doing sports. I like playing ice hockey or going windsurfing. I like playing basketball. I’m just like a tomboy at heart and I think a lot of people don’t know that.”

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle grew up looking like a tomboy because her mother would cut her hair short, and she even says she was fat too: “I was a real tomboy. My teacher used to write on my report card, ‘Michelle is one of the biggest girls in class.’ “All I wanted to be was to be one of the petite little girls but my mother always cut my hair in a pixies and there was nothing feminine about me.”

Keira Knightley


Keira says she used to dress like a man in her early teenage years because she hated skirts and didn’t want to wear them: “I’ve definitely got a bit of the boyish in me. Growing up I was a tomboy. I didn’t wear skirts until I was 14. I hated them. I love a man’s shirt.”

Emily Blunt

Emily grew up as a tomboy and would hate anything girly and these days still enjoys the company of men: “I never dreamed of being a princess when I was a child – I wanted to be on the soccer team. I wasn’t into Barbie dolls and swore I’d never, ever wear pink. I’d throw tantrums if my mum put me in pink clothes. Not a girlie girl at all. I like being one of the boys. It usually ends up being the case anyway because there’s often one female part to every five male parts on a film set. When you’re outnumbered you have to be willing to accept that there might be crass humour going around, but you get used to it.”

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