5 Celebrities Talk About Getting Piercings

Getting pierced can completely change your look and these 5 celebrities have all decided to get something done in the past. Some opted to get piercings for an acting role, others were just rebelling and some were excited to experiment with their image. Some regret it now, while others still love their piercings and are happy with what they’ve done. Here are their thoughts on the subject.

Drew Barrymore


Drew got her tongue pierced and initially struggled because she couldn’t eat properly: “After it was done I was like, ‘Oh my God why wouldn’t people do this? It doesn’t hurt at all,’ and the guy said, ‘What I didn’t tell you is that for the next two weeks it is going to be a little uncomfortable.’ Two hours later I couldn’t eat or drink for two weeks. It was a great diet in a weird way, a sick and sadistic diet and after that it was fine.”

Katy Perry

Katy got her nose pierced and joked that she once attempted to do it herself at a young age: “Last time I did this I was on my own with a safety pin & cube of ice @ 13. This time I thought it was best I left it to the pro’s. Sorry mom (again).”

Kendall Jenner

Kendall decided to pierce her nipple: ”It is true. I was going through a period in my life, having a rough time, being a rebel and was like, ‘Let’s just do it.’ [I was] so terrified, I’m laying on the bed like, ‘Why am I doing this?’ Honestly, it hurt, but wasn’t as bad as everyone made it seem and maybe because everyone hyped it up and I thought it would be really, really bad. Then it wasn’t as bad as I expected.”

Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz revealed that he once got his penis pierced but has since removed it. He explained that he does regret it now: “I’ve had basically everything pierced in my entire life. I was young and dumb and full of ‘wisdom.’ It’s not pierced anymore.”

Rooney Mara

Rooney opted to get real piercings for her role in ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’. She explained that she previously had no piercings and found the ears most painful: “I didn’t even have pierced ears. They put four holes in each ear, and, weirdly, that hurt the most. It was all very organized. With David, everything is measured and carefully considered. He wants what he sees in his head.”