5 Celebrities Spotted Wearing Funny Slogan T-Shirts!

Posted by PZ on June 27th, 2013

Not taking themselves too seriously, these 5 celebrities have all been seen wearing hilarious slogan t-shirts. Poking fun at news stories about themselves or just drawn to the funny tees that they’ve opted to wear, these 5 stars have all shown that they can have a sense of humor and not everything is serious! Britney Spears had the last laugh about all of the stories the media circulated about her virginity, hitting back at them with her brilliant “I’m a virgin, but this is an old t-shirt” slogan which she wore with a smile. Similarly, Naomi Campbell laughed off all of the stories regarding her violent behavior – she stepped out in a t-shirt which had printed “Naomi Hit Me…” and when she showed off her back, it unveiled her final message “..And I loved it!”. Check out all 5 funny tees below!


Britney Spears


Cara Delevingne
cara delevingne

David Hasselhoff

Goldie Hawn
goldie hawn

Naomi Campbell

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