5 Celebrities Who Don’t Spoil Their Kids

Posted by PZ on March 5th, 2012

They may all have enough cash to give their kids whatever they want (ponies, castles – even their own islands?) but that doesn’t mean they want their children to be handed everything on a platter, which is why they have decided not to let their children have everything they want, in the hopes that they will stay grounded, focused and work hard in life. Some treat their kids still, but will say no on occasion to teach them that they can’t have everything, while others want their children to learn to give back to those in need.


Angelina Jolie


Angelina, who has 6 kids with Brad Pitt, believes that spoiling kids can distort reality for them and she wants them to know there is more to life: “We wake up as a mommy and daddy who want to make sure we’re raising our kids with the right values, who want them to see all sides of the world – who want them to be responsible but who also want them to be able to enjoy their lives and the privileges that they have, and not to be ashamed of them but embrace them. If they can have better schooling, then (we) give them everything we can possibly give them. (We) never spoil them and never let them forget how fortunate they are, and always make sure they keep one foot in the other side of the world, knowing that they should give back.”

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