5 Celebrities Speak on Their Romantic Proposals

Sweeping someone they love off their feet or wowed by a huge romantic gesture, these 5 loved up stars have spoken on their romantic proposals. Pulling out all the stops and doing the traditional experience including ‘down on one knee’, these couples made a unique memory as they decided to get married to each other. Kanye West made big headlines just last week for his elaborate (and yes, slightly over the top) proposal to Kim Kardashian, while plenty of others have dreamed up interesting and amazing ways to propose to the person they want to share their lives with. Here are 5 celebs recounting the dreamy tales of amazing romantic proposals that are sure to make you swoon!



Carrie Underwood


Carrie and boyfriend Mike Fisher went for a romantic walk in the woods before Christmas when he got down on one knee. She said: “It was just a really sweet moment. He said my full name, ‘Carrie Marie Underwood, will you marry me?’ (He) got down on his knee, like every man should. And I tackled him in the snow. I forgot to even look at the ring, like, I wasn’t even paying attention.”

Chris O’Dowd
chris o'dowd

Chris took his girlfriend to a romantic bay near her hometown: ”I’d gone to stay with Dawn in Guernsey and popped the question before Boxing Day. I didn’t know the place very well, so I took her to a little bay I thought was picturesque. But her uncle later told me I’d proposed next to an old slaughterhouse. But the whole proposal thing is so unworldly. We were both looking at each other, going, ‘Are we doing this right?’ It’s like you’re fitting into a structured system.”

Jennifer Hudson


David Otunga surprised Jennifer on her birthday with a special gift: “He decides to propose on my birthday. In California. I remember him telling me like, ‘Put on your favourite dress.’ The day he proposed he made a specific scene with certain songs. And we’re driving and we’re listening to the music. And (when we get to the beach) he had birthday cards and like each card… threw another hint and then another hint and then another hint. And then when I got to the last one it said, ‘When you’re done reading this card I want you to turn around and I have your birthday gift for you.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh god,’ and I turn around and that’s when he’s on his knee proposing… Little did I know he had my ring taped to his leg the whole night before because he didn’t want to take any chances of me seeing it.”

Kim Kardashian

Kim was surprised by boyfriend Kanye West – he rented out the AT&T Park in San Francisco, had an orchestra play and lit up the scoreboard with “Pleeease Marry Meee!!!”, before getting down on one knee. Kim commented that it was an “absolute, complete surprise. I was shaking so much, shaking the entire time. Like, ‘Is this really happening?’ It was like an out-of-body experience.”

Nick Carter

Nick took his girlfriend Lauren Kitt to a secluded island to propose but the romantic moment was almost ruined: “I took her down to the Florida Keys, where I lived for a little bit and I have a boat down there… and I took her out to an island… and I proposed to her on there. I wanted it to be special. On the way out there the boat kept breaking down ‘cos I hadn’t used it in, like, eight years… She was like, ‘Why is he bringing me out here?’ And the engine kept stalling. It was memorable for sure. We got close to having to call the costguard.”