5 Celebrities Speak on Their Natural Hair Shades

Not many women seem to actually keep their natural hair colour – and many stars change their locks very frequently – either for a role or just to experiment with their look. Revealing what shade they naturally are, these celebrities have commented on their true hair colour. Some are their natural shades currently, while others are known to be other colours and although it looks natural, they insist it’s not! 

  1. Christina Hendricks

Mad Men actress Christina dyed her hair red at a young age, but is really blonde: “I was obsessed with Anne Of Green Gables. There was something about her that spoke to me – and I wanted to have her beautiful red hair. My mum said, “Well, let’s throw a rinse on it.” My hair was very blonde at the time, but it went carrot red. And I was over the moon. I went to school the next day and felt like myself.”