5 Celebrities Speak on Taking Career Risks

Taking a career risk can make your work infinitely more enjoyable, as you push yourself towards something new which could pay off to be very fulfilling and rewarding. These 5 celebrities have opened up on risking everything with their careers. Some say they love the thrill of trying something new, while others admit they do fear for their work as they push themselves into new territory.

Amanda Seyfried


Amanda was afraid of how appearing in ‘Lovelace’ might risk her career: “This is the riskiest thing that’s happening in Hollywood right now. The first thing you think about is that it could ruin my career.”

Blake Lively

Blake thinks now is the time to make risky choices: “I wanna take risks, I don’t wanna play it safe. I mean, I could probably make more money if I did more commercial projects.”

Kate Winslet

Kate wants to push herself and take those risky roles: ”It’s time to get back. Back to the ‘I don’t (expletive) around,’ back to the basics of take some serious risks, put yourself out there. And just really push it.”

Naomi Watts

Naomi says launching herself as an actress was incredibly risky for her: “It was a gigantic risk but, thankfully, I was young and naïve enough to just do it. As you get older, you overthink and can talk yourself out of anything. It’s good to be a bit reckless and experimental.”

Sofia Vergara

Sofia enjoys the risks she takes: “You really don’t have anything to lose if you are in the entertainment business, because it’s not like we’re doing brain surgery where you can actually kill someone. The worst thing that will happen is nobody goes to your movie. So I try to take risks and have fun with it.”