5 Celebrities Speak on Making Time for Family

These 5 stars all feel the need to take a break every now and then to really enjoy their family. Most of them have young children and want to see their kids growing up and get to be there for the important parts before it’s too late. Others just love to create memories with the people in their family and if they’re away from them for too long they begin to miss the fun they have. Putting aside their time consuming careers, these celebrities are prepared to put their work on hold if it means they get to have some quality family time which they feel is something so important that they don’t want to miss out on it.



Ben Affleck


Ben says he doesn’t have time for any hobbies anymore because if he isn’t working he wants to spend all of his time with his children: ”I used to have all these hobbies and they all went away when I had kids. If I’m not working, I’m home watching princess movies or playing games. I don’t have time to try and learn the guitar as I did before – there are a couple of guitars in my house that are just gathering dust, they haven’t been touched since my first child was born! There’s nothing else left in my life expect for my family, which is wonderful.”

Clive Owen

Clive works away from home regularly so has to make sure when he gets the chance to spend time with his two daughters: “I’m away from home a lot, so my absolute priority when I’ve got any time off is to hang with them. That’s the most important thing. They grow up fast and I don’t want in 10 years time, when my daughter moves out into her first flat, to go, ‘What happened?'”

Liam Hemsworth

Liam spent a lot of time away from his family and misses not being about to create special memories with them like before: ”Having spent so much time away from my family, I miss being able to share good times with them. I can’t think of anything better than my whole family being together in one place.”

Miranda Kerr

Model Miranda accompanied husband Orlando Bloom to South Africa as he filmed ‘Zulu’. She took time off and spent it with her young son: ”In South Africa, I was just at home, being a housewife, being a mum, wearing a lot of maxidresses and no shoes, because we never have shoes in the house. We had a big garden, so I was running around with my son, then I took him to the park or on play dates. That quality time is something I really cherish and value. It’s very important.”

Rachel Weisz

Rachel needs to spend time with her son in between filming: “I just wanted to be at home, to be with Henry. I need passion if I’m going to work, a lot of passion. That’s how I feel right now. It has to be a situation where I have to do it. Henry’s dad was filming (new movie) Noah, so I didn’t want to be filming at the same time. We just do regular stuff. We go to Tompkins Square Park (in New York City). Henry is into scootering on the street… This city is very friendly to children. You just cab it or bus it or tube it. It’s just endless excursions.”