5 Celebrities Speak on Having Long Distance Relationships

Having experienced long distance love, these 5 celebrities have all opened up on how difficult it can be to rarely see someone your in a relationship with. Some have managed to make it work – they keep in touch by regularly calling, texting and skyping and have their own ways of keeping things fresh even if they are miles apart. Other stars just can’t handle the distance and say it shouldn’t be done. They end up feeling paranoid about what their partner could be doing without them or they just feel too sad to be apart for such long periods of time. Here is what 5 celebrities have said about their long distance experiences.



Amanda Seyfried


Amanda advises people never to date someone in another country: “Never date somebody who doesn’t live in your country. It’s heartbreaking and confusing and makes you go a little bit nuts.”

Claire Danes

Claire and husband Hugh Dancy keep things interesting when they’re far away: “In the formative stages of our courtship, our relationship, our schedules were amazingly compatible. Lately we’ve not been so lucky. I’m obviously filming the series and he’s doing a play called the Venus In Fur in New York right now so he’s stationed there. We talk a lot, we text a lot, we send each other photos of our toes – dumb stuff. I think it’s dangerous when you go into reporting mode, when you just kind of list the things you’ve done that day. Sometimes you just kind of have to act as if you were with each other and not say anything terribly significant.”

Drew Barrymore

Drew has found distance so hard that she has freaked out: “I’ve just sort of freaked out on someone. Just been like, ‘I never see you, we’re not talking enough.’ The worst part of being single is actually being along, but I don’t have the benefit of having any help because I’m in a relationship with a person I never see so I think sometimes I just feel like I’m in a weird purgatory. And I have definitely had my freak-outs about that.”

Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer says that her career has made relationships harder: ”There are sacrifices with any job. With this one, you’re in a long-distance relationship with pretty much everybody in your life. It’s hard sometimes, it’s obviously a very lonely life but it’s still worth it.”

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole admits that her relationship with Lewis Hamilton can be difficult due to distance: “It’s hard, we’re always in different countries – we live in different countries! But we’re very happy with the way things are. We really want to make it work and that’s important in a relationship. We have expensive phone calls. We do last-minute flights to see each other for a couple of hours. We don’t have much time, but we make the most of what we have. The other day he flew in to see me while I was working. Then we went off for some Italian food and made the most of the precious little time we had.”