5 Celebrities Speak on Career Failure

Believing they’ve failed in the past or that failure could be waiting around the corner, these 5 celebrities have all spoken on their thoughts on the subject. Some believe that they’ve made mistakes in their career that they regard as failures but they’ve luckily been able to move past that even though they weren’t so sure at the time. Others say they’re constantly on edge because they still think their career could end at any minute and they could end up failing after all. Working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen, they like that they’re always pushing themselves to do better so that they have less chances of things going badly for them.

Britney Spears


Britney admits that she works so hard because she is terrified of failure: “Things not working out and my career being over is a real fear for me. Honestly, that’s why I work so hard because it worries me so much.”

George Clooney

George reveals that he hasn’t always made the right choices: “I’ve made mistakes in my career. I’ve made some terrible TV series and been terrible in them. I’ve been in terrible films, and when a film of mine fails I just want to go and hide under a rock. I’ve made mistakes in judgement and I’ve failed many, many times. I’ve had a lot of bumps and turns in my road. But the trick is how well you bounce back. That’s true in the movie business and it’s true in life.”

Johnny Depp

Johnny believes he has failed multiple times along the way: “If anything, mine has been a career of failures. I think I’m getting all this attention right now because people feel sorry for me. I’m an underdog. Other actors look at me and think, ‘That poor b**tard is still hacking away at it.'”

Robert Pattinson

Robert is constantly on edge because he worries about failing: “I think as soon as you feel validated, you’re a bad actor. You have to constantly feel that there’s a 99 per cent chance of failure. Total failure. Devastating failure. You should feel like every single job is the potential where you’re never going to get another job again. Not in a bad way – you should feel good about it, because then you’re in it. It’s all about living in the present.”


Usher went through a bitter divorce which affected his career so much that he once walked off stage after one song and he thought his career would be over: “I think I made it through the first number and when I lifted my voice, I remember it just not being there. It was just gone and I felt like I would never perform again. Wow. I’d never been booed before, I felt like a failure. I felt like a failure to them (the fans), I felt like a failure to my sons. I just felt helpless, what can I do? I broke down and I didn’t get myself back together for a minute. I cancelled a lot of dates and eventually, I picked the tour back up and I was able to see them (his sons) on the computer, and get a sense that they were at least Ok.”