5 Celebrities Speak About Child Stardom

Child stardom is a controversial subject – and there are many good examples of why children just aren’t suited to the spotlight. These 5 celebrities have opened up on the topic, many after going through the experience themselves. All believing that kids shouldn’t have to work and should be able to enjoy a normal childhood, these stars agree that putting children in such a high pressure environment is a recipe for disaster and should be avoided.

Kirsten Dunst


Kirsten started her career at a young age and is surprised she made it to adulthood ok: “You know, I’m lucky I’m not at some bar at night doing coke because I’m so messed up. I mean, I am very young. I’ve been working for a really long time but it’s so important in this business to stay open and childlike. You don’t want to block yourself. It’s really important to be affected by things.”