5 Celebrities Share Their Awkward Teenage Stories

Being a teenager is far from easy and having an awkward moment or two is just unavoidable – it may even an important part of the teenage experience! These 5 celebrities have shared the embarrassing and awkward stories that happened to them as they struggled to go through puberty and made a few funny fashion judgements along the way.

Jason Segel


Jason had a few awkward moments with his mom when he hit puberty: “The first time my mom found condoms in my room, she literally started crying hysterically. She was always very emotional about her son growing up. I remember she also burst into tears when she accidentally walked in on me taking a bath and saw that I had pubic hair.”

Justin Timberlake

Justin says he was caught having sex by his mother when he was a young teen: “Yeah, I was caught one time. My mom wasn’t cool about it. I was too young to be in bed with a girl, so she was upset.”

Kim Kardashian

Kim found the changes happening to her body to be incredibly awkward: “I was the first girl in my class to wear a bra. I remember crying in the bathtub. All my friends were super-skinny. I took a washcloth, made it hot, put it over my chest and prayed, ‘Please don’t let them grow any bigger. They’re embarrassing me.”

Nina Dobrev

Nina recalls having a few awkward fashion moments: ”I had a couple of awkward stages. Now we have hair and makeup. I pay professionals. But you didn’t have professionals when you were grade three. I had a chunky face. I had a phase where I cut my hair like a boy so kids will find anything to pick on you for whether it’s true or not because it makes them feel better and bigger and it isn’t until you’re the victim that you realise that it’s not fun and it’s not cool… Until you learn, you can hurt a lot of people.”

Zac Efron

Zac remembers having an awkward moustache: “In high school there were guys who were really tall, there were burly guys on the football team who looked like my dad – and then there was me, who looked like a little kid. I was a late bloomer. I actually rocked a pubescent moustache for a while. It was so unattractive.”