5 Celebrities Share Their On-Screen Kissing Experiences

An on-screen kiss in an experience not to be forgotten – for some, it even can mark the beginning of a relationship, such as Miley Cyrus, who shortly after began dating her costar Liam Hemsworth. Others felt awkward or unsure of what to do, but luckily had experienced costars to guide the way and put them at ease, puckering up for that on-screen kiss with enough passion to pull it off and make it look believable too!


Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron found it awkward kissing Alex Pettyfer for ‘I Am Number Four‘: “Kissing scenes typically come first or very near the beginning of filming, I think it’s because if things go terribly wrong people might not like each other and it might be really difficult to make that believable. He’s not hard to look at but it is interesting because you’re in front of this crew which, no matter how close you are to them, it’s still a little awkward. I always space out and I don’t even know what’s going on.”

Taylor Lautner


‘Abduction‘ saw Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins kiss, and according to Lautner, it happened easily: “Lily is so talented, she just shines on that screen and on set. It was great working with her I can’t wait for everybody to see her in the movie. Yes, it is PG-13, we were reminded of that. That’s why there had to be the little ‘I’m getting hungry’ excuse. But no, it was great, we just went for it, I mean sometimes those scenes can be awkward, it just depends. Thankfully it was all good.”


Miley Cyrus 

Miley Cyrus kissed her current boyfriend Liam Hemsworth for the first time in front of the cameras which made her realize her attraction to him: “That kiss definitely triggered something. It triggered something in my head that made me realize this was going to be a lot of fun and it made me realize that one day you can feel bad and the next you can meet someone who is your soul-mate or your best friend or whatever and that’s really cool.”

Josh Groban 

Josh Groban had his first on-screen kiss with Emma Stone for ‘Crazy, Stupid. Love‘ for a scene that ended up on the cutting room floor. However, at the time he says he was nervous: “After one of our scenes, the directors said: ‘This is feeling a little goofy. Let’s try this with a kiss at the end.’ And I thought: ‘Holy s***! I’ve never kissed on-camera before. What do I have to do? I didn’t take that class in college.'” He added: “Emma’s just this total pro. She pulls out her lip gloss and says: ‘It’s cherry. That cool with you?'”

Emma Watson 

Emma Watson didn’t know what to expect the first time she had to kiss Rupert Grint for Harry Potter: “Well I’ve never had to do it before so I can’t say I have any techniques, I’ve never had to kiss anyone on screen so it is all new to me. Of course I am nervous about it. But, apparently it gets quite boring after a couple of takes, that’s what Dan said to me anyway.”