5 Celebrities Reveal Their Top Makeup Tricks

Learning handy makeup tips during their years in the spotlight, these 5 celebrities know what they’re doing when it comes to applying a gorgeous face of makeup and they’ve each dished out their simple yet very effective personal makeup tricks. From speedy application tips to how to contour your face, these star tips will have you looking red carpet ready! 

  1. Jessica Alba

Jessica has learned how to put her makeup on with just her fingers: “I’ve learnt to multitask and throw my look together in five minutes. I love make-up that I can apply with my finger tips, as it saves time.” 

  1. Cheryl Cole

Cheryl reveals that she quickly fixes her makeup with a brush at events: “In my red carpet clutch bag I keep eyeliner, of course. And lip gloss and sometimes I have a pre-loaded little blusher brush in the bag. It can make the inside of the bag a little dirty, but it’s a good trick.” 

  1. Drew Barrymore

Drew is amazed how eyeliner can change someone’s eyes: ”The first one is a tip a make-up artist taught me that I absolutely love and I actually apply it in my own life. I take an eyeliner and I start on the waterline of my eyes, which just gives some nice depth of colour and makes my green eyes pop. What really works for women in glasses is [also doing] the upper waterline, especially the corners, you want to drag it all the way around up top. When I’ve done this, at the end of the day I come home and I can’t believe how much bigger my eyes look!” 

  1. Kate Moss

Kate always uses eyelash curlers and loves how the trick opens her eyes up: ”[My best make-up tip is] to always use eyelash curlers before applying mascara to really open the eyes.” 

  1. Kim Kardashian

Kim believes in contouring her face with makeup to give the illusion of sharp cheekbones: ”It’s all about light and shadow; highlight your brow bones with a luminizer and very lightly enhance cheekbones with non-glittery bronzer.”