5 Celebrities Reveal When They Feel Sexiest

Not everyone feels sexiest dressed up in heels with a full face of makeup – while some do love the feeling of being all dolled up and ready to strut their stuff on the red carpet, others feel sexier when they’re natural and fresh, without any makeup or fussy styling. These 5 stars all feel their most sexiest at different times – some say being able to relax in something comfortable is key, while others find that once they get cooking in the kitchen they start to feel their sexiest. It’s clear that the key to feeling sexy is just to be confident and happy – here is 5 stars explaining what gets them feeling their sexiest.


Blake Lively

Blake loves cooking and says it even makes her feel sexy because it’s such a sensual experience:: ”I really like to cook. Cooking makes me feel sexy. I think there’s something so sensual about it – the smells, the touches, the flavours, the experience of creating something. And, you know, when you’re doing it with someone you love, creating that together. I think it’s really attractive. I do a little of everything but Italian food is my favourite. And chocolate! Whenever I travel I go to cooking schools. I eat too much that’s the problem.”

Kim Kardashian

Kim believes heels give her a sexiness and being dressed up for a photo shoot makes her feel very sexy too:”I feel my sexiest when I’m all dressed up at a photo shoot with full hair and make-up. I definitely need high heels to feel sexy, but that’s because of my height – I’m short! – and I just look better. When I’m on a shoot, even if you can’t see the heels, I put them on because they make me feel sexy.”


Fergie feels most sexy when she’s clean: “When do I feel sexiest? When I get out of the shower and I feel fresh and my hair is clean. I feel very sexy then because I’m so clean and pure and beautiful. I don’t feel so sexy when I’ve just taken an 11-hour flight and I get home and I’m jet lagged!”

Eva Longoria

Eva feels sexiest when she’s just out of the shower and feeling fresh: ”I feel sexiest probably right after a shower when I’m just in my sweats without make-up. I have to wear so much all the time because of the cameras, so I just want it all off when I get home.”


Ciara reveals that being nude is something that makes her feel sexy: “I feel the sexiest when I’m by myself, walking around nude. I have this new obsession with nudity, it’s really weird. It may sound weird, but I just really love embracing the body.”