5 Celebrities Who Have Regrets About Their Wild Past

Posted by PZ on November 19th, 2012

We all have regrets about something that we have to let go and forget – here is what these 5 celebrities feel regret about which all happened back in their wild, partying days! From recklessly experimenting with drugs until they became an addict, to toying with cocaine and guns which got them in trouble with the law and almost ended their career, these 5 celebrities aren’t totally proud of these moments in their past, but of course they are learning to look past them and become a better person thanks to their experiences. Be it drugs, alcohol, sex or something else, their wild past almost got the best of them, but it ultimately didn’t.


Christian Slater

Speaking on his criminal past, Slater says he is sad he put his career in jeopardy: “My record was terrible. I’d been acting since I was a child and had been a celebrity in Hollywood for the previous 10 years. It had done me no good at all. I had too much, too young and was paying the price. I blame no one but myself. A lot of people get success in their twenties, but don’t throw it all away like I did. You have to win trust all over again. There’ll be no complaints from me because I recognise that’s the way it has to be. I’m excited to be back at work. I’ve been in this business for 24 years yet I’m still a young guy. With the number of films I’ve had you’d think I’d be in my late 40s. But that’s probably part of the problem. I had no time to stop and wonder what I was doing. I’ve been doing plenty of that since meeting Ryan and the difference is incredible.”

Mark Ronson

Mark says that he used to drink too much when he went on tour and doesn’t want to continue down the road: “I’d take a bottle of Jack Daniel’s on stage. A few weeks into the tour I was drinking a whole bottle a night during the shows. I do regret that now, because all of it seemed to go by so fast, and I’m not sure if that was down to the adrenaline or the Jack Daniel’s.”


Madonna regrets using her sexuality to give her a confidence boost: “Sometimes I was being overtly sexual for the sake of showing off when I didn’t need to be. I think I hurt myself.Ultimately none of us wants to be judged, or approved of, or loved because of the way we look, or how sexy we are.One minute I was saying believe in yourself and the next minute I was saying just be sexually provocative for the sake of being sexually provocative.I was letting it pump my ego, thinking aren’t I great, they’re writing about me, my picture’s on the cover of every magazine, I’m so fabulous.”

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay may regret her drug-fueled past, but she also believes she learned a lot about herself in the process: ”I regret the choices that I’ve made, but I’m grateful for where I am today because of them. I don’t need to see any more negative stuff, I don’t need to put myself in those places anymore. It’s been a learning experience and I’m glad that I experienced it. I’m grateful that I’ve learned from it. It’s helped me, it’s humbling.’

Elton John

Elton experimented with drugs in the past but now believes that he: “wasted such a big part of my life, when this epidemic was beginning to happen in the early 1980s. And I was a drug addict and self-absorbed. You know, I was having people die right, left and center around me, friends. And yet, I didn’t stop the life that I had, which is the terrible thing about addiction. It’s that – you know, it’s that bad of a disease.”

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