5 Celebrities on Playdates With Other Stars

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Playdates are a great way to get kids socializing at a young age with their peers, but what do you do if your a celebrity? You call up one of your other famous friends and arrange for your kids to hang out of course. These 5 celebrities have all taken their kids out on fun playdates with other celebrities and their offspring. From days at the zoo to fun on a private boat, playdates can even be a lavish affair when you’ve got some money to throw around. Some are even hanging out with people you might not expect – Angelina Jolie let her kids run wild with Gwen Stefani’s two sons on a playdate before!

Elton John & Neil Patrick Harris

Elton John & Neil Patrick Harri

Gwen Stefani & Angelina Jolie
gwen ange

Jessica Alba & Rebecca Gayheart
Jessica Alba, Rebecca Gayheart, and Eric Dane are seen enjoying a day at Coldwater Park

Keri Russell & Jennifer Garner
keri russell jennifer garner

Sandra Bullock & Camila Alves
sandra bullock camila alves