5 Celebrities Open Up on Their Christmas Holiday Traditions

Posted by PZ on December 9th, 2014

Christmas time, and the holiday season surrounding it, means so much to many people and having a tradition makes it more meaningful and even more fun. These 5 celebrities have all spoken on how they mark the festive period – be it spending time with family, throwing a special annual party, or getting crafty and creating their own gifts or special food. Here are the holiday traditions they continue to carry on.

Demi Lovato


Demi always catches up with family and her grandparents specifically: “I celebrate the holidays by taking some time off with my family and eating amazing holiday food. The best holiday gift I’ve ever received was…just…my great-grandparents! They’re still alive, and as cliche as it sounds, having them in my life for so long and having them around at Christmastime is the best holiday gift I could ask for.”

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer throws an annual tree-trimming party for all of her friends: “I do a tree-trimming party every year. At my tree-trimming party, we always do chili: turkey, regular beef and vegetarian. Everybody is satisfied.”

Kelsey Grammer
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Kelsey continued his grandfather’s tradition after he passed away: “My granddad did the decorating and handed out the presents and spreading good cheer. After he died when I was 12, I took on the mantle of carrying on with the decorating and handing out the presents. Now with my family, we open a few presents on Christmas Eve, but in the old days, we didn’t touch a thing until Christmas day.”

Kris Jenner

Kris always has a themed party for her family and friends: ”Every year, we try to have a theme. And a very important element to any time I give a party of any kind is a party favour … I want the traditional Christmas/Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, stuffing, gravy, sweet potato, soufflé that I’ll make. I love to do the desserts so I want to pass that down to my kids and have them incorporate that into their family and their traditions when I’m long gone.”

Teri Hatcher

Teri makes gingerbread houses and gifts: “Homemade gifts are always the best. So what I love to do is make gingerbread houses and my little girl helps me. We give them away as gifts to family and friends. And for ourselves, we create a little Christmas town.”

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