5 Celebrities Open Up on Having Online Haters

Having put up with hate directed at them online – be it via twitter, Instagram, their personal blog or anywhere else, these 5 stars have all spoken on dealing with their haters who target them via the web. Some have hit back at the people who’ve said hateful things, calling them cowards for hiding behind their computers, while others have given up on their haters ever stopping their constant stream of abuse and just ignore them – some even admit they make money from their haters visiting their various pages so they’ve made their peace with it now.

Justin Bieber


Justin says he doesn’t respond to haters anymore and explains that they only make him money: “I would say to my haters, I love you. Thank you for supporting me by hating me. When they write messages on my YouTube page, I get money for that. So they’re just giving me money to hate on me.”

Khloe Kardashian

Hitting out at her own haters, Khloe tells bullies to stop hiding behind their computers: “I am a little confused as to why people who ‘hate’ me so much follow my every move and know every last thing about me (whether it’s fact or fiction). It’s funny to me how these so called ‘haters’ can sit behind a computer screen and all of a sudden have courage. I most likely have seen many of you in person before and you have never said these things to my face. This is because you are a coward. You don’t have the guts. You are the ones that when we come face to face can only stutter compliments. Thank you for the ratings you give me on BOTH of my TV shows because based on the comments you leave on my page, it’s clear that you watch. So thank you to my haters! You truly are making me better. God bless. I hope you are proud of yourself. I am proud of you!”

Miley Cyrus

Miley has become fed up of internet bullied who are always so hateful: “Everyday someone with a Swift or Gomez in there (sic) name wishes terrible things upon me (death is popular). Please Smilers don’t ever think somehow you are supporting me by being hateful towards other artist (sic). My fans make me proud by supporting my music & everything I do. I’m sure these haters would make their idols much happier tweeting bout their music rather than wishing death upon their peers like psychos. We are all friends. Why can’t you all be?”


Pink thinks only miserable people unleash their anger through the internet: “The internet has created monsters. People that wouldn’t have the b**ls to say anything in person but they get a keyboard under their fingers and, well, there’s that saying ‘Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority’. There are so many haters in the world, so many miserable people…

Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell

Will is often shocked at how harsh people can be online and is often surprised by extreme comments he reads about himself: “I would go online and I’d read one nice comment, then read another nice comment. Then the fourth comment could be, like, ‘I’d like to drag him behind a car.'”