5 Celebrities on Avoiding the Dangers of Fame

Posted by PZ on July 23rd, 2014

We’ve all seen the dangers of fame – from big star egos, prison sentences and tragic drug overdoses at a young age, these are many ways a person in the spotlight can cave under the pressure and act out or look for an escape. Navigating their careers in the best possible way, these celebrities have spoken on avoiding those dangers of fame, explaining how they stay away from negative influences and keep control of their lives despite being a big name star.


Anne Hathaway


Anne isn’t addicted to being famous so doesn’t put herself in any danger: “There are enough reality-TV stars out there who clearly want attention and fame. I personally don’t think they know what they’re getting into, but it’s a very human instinct. I never wanted to be famous. I just wanted to act. So it’s very odd.”

Cameron Diaz

Cameron says you have to have boundaries when you become famous or things can quickly spiral out of control: “When all the doors are open for you, you have to set boundaries for yourself. If you don’t have a good upbringing, the danger is that you’ll take advantage of those limitless opportunities, and then you lose your s**t.”

Christina Ricci

Christina doesn’t allow her fame to affect her: “I just think it would be really unhealthy for me personally to walk around thinking everybody knew who I was. I just pretend the world’s a really friendly place – the whole world’s a small town and everyone’s on my side. That’s how I choose to live.”


Lorde praises her normal upbringing with helping her avoid the dangers of fame: “I’ll never go off the rails like Britney, or do an Amy, because my upbringing was so normal. I can’t touch alcohol at my age and I’m not sure I even want to when I’m older.”


Pink has seen first-hand how some stars fall victim to fame so she’s always cautious: “I hope I never get too big for my boots. I haven’t so far and I hope I won’t. I have seen others do it and it’s disgusting. I was lucky enough to get a record deal at 16 and then not have a record out until I was 20. I had four years to watch everyone else f**k up and blow up and think they were s**t. You see the same people on the way up you see on the way down.”

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