5 Celebrities Who Love Lipstick

These 5 celebrities have all proclaimed their intense love of lipstick! It may be part of their signature look, or just something they turn to when they want to look extra glamorous or elegant, these 5 stars all love experimenting with makeup, especially when it comes to selecting a bright new shade to add to their lips. While some love a Hollywood classic red lips look, others opt to try out new colours: from dark browns, purples to pinks and light shades of orange, lipstick can bring a dramatic pop of colour, especially when added to an otherwise fresh, natural beauty look. Here is what these 5 celebrities have to say about their favourite makeup item that they simply couldn’t do without.

Christina Hendricks


Christina loves to collected different shades of lipsticks and loves bright, vibrant shades that make her lips pop: “I’ve got hundreds of lipsticks – every colour of the rainbow! My new favourite colour is Cosmopolitan by Dolce & Gabbana. It’s really vibrant.”

Dita Von Teese

Dita is known for her highly glamorous look and believes lipstick is an important part of her image: “One of the things that I do to have a glamorous day is take a bit of time to put on make-up and chose clothes that I like to wear – it doesn’t mean being uncomfortable, I don’t wear corsets or stockings every day but a little bit of red lipstick goes a long way.”

Georgia May Jagger

Georgia loves lipstick at all times of the day and believe it is a part of her signature look:”I like to wear red lipstick all the time. Nine in the morning, 10 at night. I love that 70s disco look; it reminds me of my mum’s style from then. I always exfoliate my lips before I put it on.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth believes a strong lip can look very elegant when paired with a fresh beauty look:”I’m a big fan of a simple red lip teamed with fresh skin. I think it’s a strong statement and a really good look for me personally. I change things up on a night out by wearing a smoky eye.”

Rachel Zoe

Rachel loves lipstick and owes tonnes of colours because her favourites change all of the time: ”My mom taught me very young I have 10,000 lipsticks. [Colour] depends on my mood… On one hand I am this weird androgynous tomboy where I’m strangely low maintenance and have a five-minute make-up regimen. On the other I’m obsessed with all things beauty, from skin care to make-up.”