5 Celebrities Who Love Finding Clothes in Vintage Stores

These 5 stars may all have different styles but they all love finding unique pieces that fit their tastes in vintage stores. Some have been collecting pieces for years and regularly opt for vintage designer pieces when they’re hitting the red carpet, while others prefer vintage t-shirts that they can rock when they’re not working. While some love the idea of finding an amazing bargain that might cost nothing but still have amazing quality, others love the idea of tracking something down that is completely original so no one else can copy their look. Finding the item of your dreams is half the fun and these 5 stars all love rummaging through their local vintage stores to find their perfect item.


Kristen Stewart


Kristen might like a casual look when she’s off duty, but she loves vintage tees: “I like fashion because it’s part of my work. I dive into the new trends when I have to, but I’m more of jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. “In Los Angeles I like to go to vintage stores, I look for funny T-shirts. I’m very casual when I’m not working, but I think everybody should have their own style, even if they’re going to the gym.”

Nicole Richie

Nicole loves that vintage pieces are all original so no one will be wearing the same as her: “I’m a big vintage shopper and I love thrift stores. The beauty of anything vintage is that you’re not going to see lots of other people in the same thing. I like to be different. I wear a tonne of accessories. I love scarves. I’ve lost count of how many I have, but you can never have too many – they totally lift an outfit and make it individual.”

Rachel Zoe

Rachel has been collecting vintage for over two decades as part of her job as a stylist and because she loves wearing vintage pieces too:”It’s like a disease. I’ve been collecting for more than 20 years, so at this point it’s very valuable. My vintage dealers want to carry an exhibit, I’m like – hello? I’m still alive – do what you want with it when I’m gone, but I’m still here!”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie is obsessed with collecting vintage pieces and loves how you can find a bargain: ”I don’t collect knickers, and bras are hard to find, but I have a lot of slips and camisoles. British girls love a good vintage find. Before I was modelling that’s what I could afford: I would go through charity shops to find things. I love how it tells a story. You look at these exquisite pieces like art and wonder where this was or who was in this 50, 60 years ago. It’s very romantic.”

Taylor Swift

Taylor loves goes through phases but especially loves dressing up in vintage: ”I love clothes and I tend to go through very definitive phases of what I like wearing. Right now, it’s all vintage dresses, kind of fancy lady outfits. I was getting ready the other night I was like, ‘Where are my pearls?”’