5 Celebrities Who Are Interested in Making Their Own Wine

When you’ve already had a successful career and everything else you could dream of lands on your lap – it’s time to start something new. These 5 stars are interested in challenging themselves in the world of wine-making. Some already own their own vineyards and have successfully produced their very own alcoholic beverages while others are currently just aspiring to do so in the future. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt recently unveiled two of their homegrown wines which were created at their chateau in France, while Johnny Depp dreams of creating his own wine but says he would never sell it and would keep the wine for his own consumption.


Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt


Brad and Angelina launched their own pink wine named Miravel rosé of which only 100,000 bottles of the wine have been produced for sale. The couple also have another wine named The Pink Floyd, named after the band who recorded their famous album ‘The Wall’ at the château which now belongs to the couple.

Gerard Depardieu

French actor Gerard says he would love to make wine professionally: “I’d far rather work with wine-makers than actors. They don’t talk as much. If you have to explain a film as an actor or director, or even your wine as a winemaker, you lose the mystery. It is like asking Mozart where he found all those notes and what made him put them in that particular order.”

Johnny Depp

Johnny has an ambition to make wine just for himself: “I have a secret desire to make wine. But I’ll keep it for myself before daring to sell it commercially. In the Var where I live, it’s very interesting. The region is notable for rose and it’s very good, though I prefer red myself.”

Kate Moss

Kate reportedly purchased a vineyard in the South of France to start producing her own wine: “One of the first people Kate consulted about buying the vineyard was her ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp, who also owns an estate in France. Johnny was incredibly encouraging and told Kate that producing wine has been an amazingly rewarding hobby. Jamie and Kate have been holidaying in the South of France since their wedding and have been touring through Provence looking for suitable estates. Naturally, this process has included a considerable amount of wine-tasting along the way. Jamie really appreciates a good drop and is quite knowledgeable about vintages and grapes, and Kate even picked up a couple of handy tips.”


Motorhead rocker Lemmy created his own Shiraz which quickly sold out in Sweden and also launched in the UK. He commented that those drinking it should be careful: “hitting Scandinavia like a Lancaster bomber, approach it with caution. I mean, wine is deceptive, anything could happen.”