5 Celebrities & Their Hot Body Secrets

Posted by PZ on July 16th, 2012

These 5 celebrities all have amazingly hot bodies, even though some of them aren’t exactly as young as they once were – so what’s their secret? They have all revealed what their special hot body regime is – some have special diet or work out plans, while others have more obvious rules, such as eating smaller portions and trying to eat better food. Some work out every day and have a strict fitness plan, while another star says the key to her radiant complexion is lots of water and no meat. Below are their amazing hot body tips!


Cameron Diaz

Cam’s trainer reveals all of her amazing body secrets: “Her diet is an upside-down one where you have your carbs at the beginning of the day then taper off, so in the evening you just eat protein and vegetables. She’ll eat junk food if she feels like it but if she fancies a burger, she’ll just have a few bites. Cameron has good genes but she makes working out a priority, so we train as often as we can. Depending on her schedule, we’ll do 45 minutes of Pilates or if she has 90 minutes we’ll do half weights and half Pilates and flexibility work. Cameron loves having a lean, strong body rather than a curvy figure.”

Jessica Biel

Jessica has learned to eat smaller portions and tries to be healthy: “You have to find a balance, especially with what you eat. I don’t live by the idea that you can’t allow yourself a treat. I say, ‘Eat things you like, but eat them in smaller portions’. I always cut things in half and send them back. I’m not perfect, I don’t always do those things, but that’s the goal.”

Jennifer Lopez

A source reveals Jennifer’s top diet and workout tips which keep her looking healthy and fit: ‘Jen drinks ice-cold water to speed up her metabolism, bans carbs after 4pm and sticks to four small meals a day, which are packed with protein. Jen is up at 6am every morning for an hour’s exercise. She hates doing the same workout twice and likes to switch it up with core-strengthening routines, yoga or runs or the beach. She takes a skipping rope with her when she travels and, when she gets a spare moment, will drop to the floor to do around four minutes of sit-ups. Jen likes to work out with Casper as they really egg each other on.”

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer works out daily and tries to eat as healthy as possible: “I work out almost every day, at least five or six days a week.I do 40 minutes of cardio: spinning, running, the elliptical, or a combination of all three. Then I do Pilates one day a week, and I do yoga in addition to that, three days a week. I take eight-pound weights with me whenever I’m staying in a hotel.It’s always good to do arm exercises when you’re watching television or talking on the phone. I also love to stretch before I go to bed, and usually throw in a couple of sit-ups.You’re told to avoid fried food, but I don’t always,” I had Mexican the other night and ate everything you can imagine”.

Eva Mendes

Eva has stopped eating meat and exercises regularly:”I eat a lot of fish – I haven’t eaten any meat at all for several years now – and I’ve noticed that my skin looks a lot better and much healthier. I believe beauty starts from within, so I exercise, eat well and drink three litres of water a day. It all begins with hydration.”

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