5 Celebrities Who Didn’t Want to Become Famous

Posted by PZ on November 12th, 2012

These 5 celebrities claim that they never wanted to be in the spotlight and it isn’t something that drives them or pushes them to succeed. Some love what they do but hate the fame side, which includes the stories in the media and constantly being followed by the paparazzi, while others are uncomfortable with the idea of being known by everyone and always talked about. They don’t need fame to feel whole, and would prefer to stay away from the spotlight when possible because it just isn’t something that interests them as they aren’t craving the attention that comes with their career and don’t enjoy that aspect of their jobs.


Adele tries to stay away from the public eye because she never wanted the attention: ”I don’t want to be a celebrity . . .I don’t want to be in people’s faces. I’ve managed to stay out of the public eye, the other day I walked through Trafalgar Square on a Sunday afternoon, a tourist haven. I was a bit worried . . . I was in my pajamas as well because I had been working the day before . . .[but] nobody recognised me. A couple of people looked round, but . . . like, ‘What would she be doing walking through Trafalgar Square in pajamas?”’

Sam Worthington

Sam says his career isn’t about becoming famous: “I didn’t set out to be famous; if I’d wanted that, I would have gone on ‘Big Brother’. I’m not a fan of people who say they put a sheet up in the backyard when they were seven and entertained everyone. When I was seven, I thought I was a fire truck.”

Lily Collins

Lily says she didn’t go after fame and didn’t have a plan to get to the top – she insists that becoming known isn’t a driving force behind her career: ”But the thing is, I was never looking at a strategic way of gaining fame. That’s not why I’m doing this.”

David Beckham

David was only ever interested in progressing at his sport: “I never wanted to be famous. I was never interested in anything else apart from becoming a footballer. I know what my limits are, what I can achieve and which passes I can play. So that’s been my game over the last few years: I have adapted to my age, different situations and the position that I’m playing in. I still love playing; I still love being part of a team. Right now I’m not even thinking about retiring.”

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander had a taste of fame at a young age but didn’t enjoy it: “My father is an actor and I kind of grew up backstage, but I never wanted to be an actor when I was a kid. I did something and when I was 13 it got some attention and I didn’t like being famous. I didn’t want to be recognised, I was insecure, I didn’t like the attention, I didn’t want people knowing who I was; so to hear people on TV, radio talking about who I was and what I like was kind of confusing.”

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