5 Celebrities Who Say They Aren’t Driven by Money

These 5 stars don’t think about money and are only driven by their careers. From finding the right script to furthering themselves personally, there are other things that they care about more than filling up their bank account. Some just don’t care about accumulating wealth or possessions, while others grew up with very little money and don’t see the point in needing more even though they’ve achieved great success. These celebrities stay true to what they love doing and don’t make work decisions based on how much dough they’ll have coming if they take the opportunity in question.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron says she doesn’t take jobs based on money, but based on how attracted she is to the scripts she reads, and won’t take a job unless she falls in love with it: “I can read 40 scripts and they can all be huge movies that will make me tonnes of money, but if it doesn’t speak to me I’m not going to do it.”

Ricky Gervais

Ricky doesn’t put money first: “I never fantasised about being famous. I love the work: I enjoy the writing, casting, editing – I even like worrying about the font on the back of the DVD. The awards, which are an amazing affirmation, come second. The money is third. The last is fame. But the only good thing about fame is that Matt Groening knows who I am and calls me up. All my heroes like my show. That’s the biggest buzz.”

Richard Gere

Richard is happy to have money but doesn’t measure his life by it: “There’s nothing wrong with having things. But if it all goes away, then that’s fine too. I’m not identifying with things, not saying, ‘This object is mine. This money is mine.’ The whole idea of me is defined by that success and money and if it comes, fine, but I’m not stuck to it. Basically we want to be happy, big happy, not, ‘Great, I got the presents that I wanted’.”

Jeremy Irons

Jeremy says he doesn’t care about the cash: “Because my father was a chartered accountant, I’m an actor, and I’m hopeless with money. I’m not really interested in it. It’s very nice to have some, but I have no interest in it as long as I have enough to buy a cup of tea. So in a way, I reacted against my father.”

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl grew up poor and still doesn’t care about money because she’s so passionate about her job: “I’m the least money motivated person that you’d come across. I never had a thing growing up as a child. We were, you could say, poor, we didn’t have any money. But it’s never something that I have been driven by. It’s obviously something that’s nice and it’s a bonus to have, and amazing that I can have nice things and I don’t have to worry like other people, but it’s not what drives me. I just absolutely love what I do and I love music and I’m passionate about my job. And that’s it really, that’s what keeps me going.”