5 Celebrities Who Try to Dress for Their Age

When it comes to getting it right on or off the red carpet, there is one thing that some forget to keep in mind – age. Although age shouldn’t rule what you wear always, it’s good to keep in mind what looks appropriate and what might seem strange for someone older or younger to wear. Some young teen stars have vowed not to dress too sexy until they are old enough, while some older actresses keep their age in mind too, because they want to look classy and might look odd in a mini-skirt which could actually end up making them look older. There 5 stars have all said that they make sure they dress to suit whatever age they are.


Chloe Moretz

Chloe reveals that she plays it safe often and says she¬† feels pressure to be age appropriate: “It’s all up to my stylist, Nell Kalonji. I owe it to her for everything she pulls for me and puts together for me. [I] have to be very age appropriate, but at the same time flirty and chic and young. I definitely keep it safe because I’m not that kind of girl. I’m not risque – I’m very normal and grounded. So I definitely don’t want to get older when I have a lot of time to do that.”

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker wants to look fashion-forward while still being classy for her age:”I try to dress appropriately for my age and I’m a realist about what I look like. But if those physical things were my insecurities I’d be thrilled. What wonderful problems. My insecurities are more substantial than that. I worry first and foremost about my children and their health. My husband, and his. I worry about what work opportunities will come up. My own creative satisfaction. How will I pursue things and will the work be good?”

Selena Gomez

Selena has fun with her fashion choices but keeps her young fans in mind too: ”Obviously sometimes I’m going to dress for me. I wouldn’t specifically want younger kids wearing a gown or a top that I wear. But most of the time I do wear things that are appropriate for everybody.”

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten reevaluated her wardrobe when she turned 30 to make sure it looked mature enough: “I’m currently cleaning out my closet of childish dresses. I want to start dressing like I’m 30. Some of the things I have are like, I can’t wear this anymore, it’s not cute. I don’t shop for a long time. People bother you. I like it when I do a photo shoot and it’s a fantasy of something. I knew the concept and I’m easy, you can dress me up.”

Elle Fanning

Elle would prefer to dress too young than too old: “I’d much rather look like a two-year-old than a 21-year-old. I like to be very girly, with bows and ruffles on the red carpet. I love pastel colours, especially blue. Me and my sister both because of our eyes look good in blues. I remember the first time Dakota asked me for fashion advice about what to put with what. I was like, ‘My big sister is asking me?'”