5 Celebrities Comment on Being Ambitious

These 5 celebrities have opened up on their career ambitions. Some say they feel constantly driven and are always hoping to move upward, they are never completely happy with where they are and they enjoy the feeling of progression. Others are quite happy with their current careers and although they may have at one time felt ambitious, no longer feel the need to be constantly driven to be even more successful. Here is what they’ve said about being ambitious.

Audrey Tautou


Audrey admits she is not ambitious enough to crack Hollywood: “If you want to build a career in Hollywood, that is different. You have to move there. And for a French person like me… I would have to be away from my friends and family. Cinema is my passion. I admire American directors and love American movies. But my life is also something which is very important, and my ambition is not big enough.”

Jessie J

Jessie believes there is much more for her to do and she is very ambitious: “I’m good at what I do, so I should enjoy every aspect of it. I’m nearly 27 and I’m nowhere near done. I feel like I’ve only just got my foot in the door.”

Katie Holmes

Katie says she doesn’t feel the need to push her career further at this point: “I think ambition is a wonderful thing, but I see a lot of people who might be a little more ambitious [than me]; I just do what I do and go home. I have a balanced life. I like having different experiences, and I like being inspired.”

Kevin Spacey

Kevin says he used to be very ambitious but no longer feels he has to be: “Not any more. I used to be. I was very ambitious for about 10 years and then I was like, OK, that went better than I could have hoped, and that’s when I decided to change my focus and moved to London.”

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole is always pushing herself forward and sees it as very positive: “I’m recklessly ambitious. In America, ambition is a good thing – it’s hunger, it’s drive. I hate it when people use the word negatively.”