5 Actors/Actresses Who Were Nervous About Working With Their Co-Stars

Posted by PZ on May 1st, 2013

These 5 actors/actresses have all revealed that they were at first nervous about working alongside one of their costars. Some thought that the person in question might not like them or would take too much creative control, while others were just fearful of their costar because of how legendary they are and how amazing they always are in their work. Thankfully their fears were soon put to rest as they began to work with the costar they were nervous about, but they do admit that they thought they had a good reason for being nervous or worried about working alongside them – see what they first thought of their costars below!

Guy Pearce


Guy was worried Robert Downey Jr. would be difficult to work with on ‘Iron Man 3’ but he was quickly proved wrong: ”I was a bit nervous that he might have been a bit of a firecracker and he was never going to listen to anything anyone said. I thought, ‘Wow, this guy’s a genius, he’s not even going to notice I’m there.’ But it was the complete opposite. And it’s not like he’s sold out and he’s playing some schlocky superhero and he’s doing it badly. He’s brought this incredible skill to a role that somebody else might be bland with.”

Jessica Biel
jessica biel

Jessica was overwhelmed by how talented her costars were on the set on ‘Hitchcock’ and was particularly nervous about working with Anthony Hopkins: ‘It was overwhelming, it was terrifying, it was nerve-wracking and it was utter jubilation. Most of all it was fun. Anthony, he’s an incredibly powerful personality, but he’s also very playful and he makes you feel very comfortable. So you can mess around a little bit, and he messes around a little bit with you – which I think is why ‘Hitchcock’ was such a great filmmaking experience for me. He’s like the Sun, you know? He’s the one everyone’s revolving around and I just felt this lightness and brightness from him constantly.”

Kristen Bell
kristen bell

Kristen was so nervous about working with Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis on ‘You Again’: “I was initially intimidated, but then I got nervous and it sent me back to high school going, ‘Is everybody going to like me?’ ‘How can I make everybody like me?’ ‘Are there going to be too many personalities?’ ‘Will this be a s*it storm?’ But then, you get to set and realise they haven’t been working for decades because they have bad personalities. They’re awesome Women, and it was just really interesting to work with them as peers.”

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie was worried about working with legendary actress Dame Maggie Smith in ‘Nanny McPhee Returns’: “I had heard that Maggie doesn’t suffer fools gladly and could be really scary and so I was really scared to work with her. But thank God she liked me. We had a really good time. I really like Maggie. She’d say amazing things. I heard her on the phone talking to her son and she was going to visit him after work one day and you could tell that he’d said on the other line ‘What time are you going to be home?’ and she said ‘Oh I don’t know. How long is a piece of string?’ “

Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman was nervous about working with Tom Cruise on ‘Rock of Ages’ but her fear was soon put to rest: ”I still get excited by working with big names. You have that initial moment of, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m going to work with Tom Cruise!’And then you meet him and in 10 minutes you realise you’re both just in this together, two actors who are equally as nervous and excited to be on a new journey. And star-struck feelings go away and you become partners in crime. My dream now is to work on a big film with Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett.”

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