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5 Actors/Actresses Who Love Romantic Comedies

While some actors or actresses think Romantic Comedies are the worst kind of work you can do because your not taken seriously for your work, others are drawn to them. Some just like to try different genres and enjoyed the challenge of a new romantic role, while others love to see if their heart can handle it. While some of these actors are known for regularly playing rom-com roles, others are just dabblers. Kate Hudson openly admits that she loves doing romantic comedies but only if the script is very strong and Drew Barrymore has similar feelings about the genre after becoming known for her multiple romantic roles in the past.



Anne Hathaway


Anne loves to challenge her romantic side: “I love to have my heart challenged. And ripped out. And woken up, in unexpected ways. And the thing I love about romance is the more specific the characters are, the more fun the stories are. So it gives you great opportunities as an actor to draw a character that feels really nuanced.”

Drew Barrymore

Drew is known for regularly taking on romantic comedies and it’s something she loves to do: “I will never deny a genre that I absolutely love. You say one thing and it sort of gets twisted into a million different directions. I love doing them (romantic comedies) and, in fact, Adam and I just read a  script recently that we’re thinking about. We waited a few years between The Wedding Singer and 50 FIRST DATES, as we probably will again… I will absolutely do more.”

Gerard Butler

Gerard had to try romantic comedies and was surprised: “You have to have a go don’t you? Nothing ventured and all that. I could have stuck with being Mr. Action Guy but I went and did a kids’ movie, ‘Nim’s Island’ and then a bunch of romantic comedies and ‘Law Abiding Citizen’, a taut thriller about a serial killer with Jamie Foxx. The way I was thinking was, ‘OK, I’m doing pretty well in action movies, so let me see how high I can go in drama or romantic comedy.”

Jessica Biel

Jessica loves rom-coms because she’s a very romantic person, even if she doesn’t show it: “I’m very romantic, even though I’m shy about that side of myself. I enjoy these kinds of stories and there’s something sweet and wonderful about films that have this enchanting kind of lightness and hopefulness to them.”

Kate Hudson

Kate is a big fan of romantic comedies even if you’d never think it: “I read the script in about an hour, and as soon as I’d finished it, I thought, ‘Now this is the kind of film I’d like to see.’ I’m not a big fan of romantic comedies, believe it or not. Well, I don’t run out to see them.”