5 Actors/Actresses Who Say They Get Competitive on Set

A little competition is healthy, right? These 5 celebrities have admitted that there has been a time when things have gotten competitive on set. For most it’s a once-off, but others regularly set themselves up against their co-stars, many to better themselves or push themselves further and harder. Be it a playful sense of rivalry or a real feeling that exists, a little competition can make a film even better as long as though involved don’t feel too much pressure to perform! Here is a look at 5 competitive actors and actresses who admit that they can’t help but pitting themselves up against others from time to time.




Anna Kendrick

When recording voices for animated film ParaNorman, Anna Kendrick and Casey Affleck started to play off each other: ”I got to record my first day with Casey Affleck. He’d never done it before either. We were both really new to it and it was a great way to start out. By the end of the day, we were getting more and more comfortable, and it became a little competitive to see who was willing to embarrass themselves more. Who won? Probably Casey.”

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester says that during the ‘Expendables’ filming everyone on set felt up against each other because they all had action hero reputations: “It was very competitive, no-one wants to be second so that’s why everyone pushes very hard and that’s why these people have established a reputation they have because they want to be the best.”

Shia LaBeouf

Shia used the competition he felt with her own father while working on the film ‘Lawless’:”Even as an only child, who grew up with a father who’s very alpha male, who I was competitive with, who was a criminal…I looked at (the script) and thought, man, I could really bring these moments to light.”

Jason Statham

Jason says his relationship with regular collaborator Guy Ritchie is mostly based on competition: “Our relationship exists on competition, whether we’re playing chess or beating each other up, we’re always trying to get one up on each other. But the toughest moment is getting Guy to pay his debts when he loses at chess.”

Channing Tatum

Working alongside Jamie Bell on ‘The Eagle’ the two bonded quickly but also showed off their competitive sides: “It was great, we were very competitive with each other, to see who could ride their horse faster, who had the best fight scene and who could stay in the freezing water for longer.”