5 Actors Who’d Love to Play the Role of James Bond Villain

The James Bond movie franchise is an icon one, and these 5 actors have all said that they’d love to star in one of the films – but they aren’t interested in the main Bond role and are actually attracted to the role of a villain. Perhaps hoping to try a new kind of role or just a huge fan of the ‘James Bond’ films, these actors are all keen to play the baddie on screen!


Daniel Radcliffe


An insider revealed that the ‘Harry Potter’ actor aspires to land a role as a bad guy in a Bond film: ”Daniel thinks he would be an excellent villain in the Bond films. He loves the franchise but admires the villains as much as Bond. He feels he could appear as a modern bad guy, an evil mastermind who wants to take down MI5. He may not have the physique to take on Daniel Craig, but his broody acting can make him a menace. And like the old Bond films, he hopes the role may be recurring.”

John Travolta

John would love to play a different kind of Bond villain: “I would love that. They’re going a different way with their villain in this next film but I’ve spoken to Barbara Broccoli about it and she loves the idea, so that would be great.”

Kevin Spacey

Kevin thinks being a Bond villain would be a fun role to take on: “I would hope [Bond producers] the Broccolis agree [that I would make a good Bond villain] and that Sam is going to do the next one. That would be a lot of fun. I adore him. I had some of the most seminal experiences of my career with him, both a decade ago with American Beauty and last year with Richard III [at the Old Vic]. It would be sublime to work with him again. It doesn’t surprise me he has had such a big success with Bond.”


Dwayne Johnson
the rock

Dwayne thinks Bond films are the best action movies and would love to be involved: ”Skyfall’s one of the greatest action movies of all time. It’s amazing. Love Daniel Craig. I would love to be in Bond. Maybe a Bond baddie.”

Zac Efron

Zac has always been a fan and would love to take on the role: “I’m a huge James Bond fan. I’d love to be a Bond baddie. I’ve seen pretty much every Bond film. Sean Connery is my favourite and I really like ‘Goldeneye’ with Pierce Brosnan.”