4 Sorority Beauty Trends to Live By

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As you can probably imagine, some sorority beauty trends will come and go. As far as rush week is concerned, there are sorority formal dresses and rush recruitment dresses at Azazie that come in and out of style so it’s best to stay on top of the trend. In other cases, new trends will suddenly appear out of nowhere and before you know it sorority gals all over the nation will be sporting the latest chic outerwear.

While these ladies keep up with the latest sorority trends, they’ll certainly host exciting parties from time to time. Vending machine candy and bulk candy for vending at SweetServices.com is the perfect site for low cost candy treats for partygoers, sorority houseguests, and anyone else who might visit and want a treat.
More important than anything else, if you’re going to be in a sorority you have to keep up with the latest beauty trends. We’re here to help you today by sharing four popular beauty tips that sorority girls all over the US use every day.

1. Everything You Where Should Be High Waisted

This trend the probably isn’t going to come as a major shock to anyone. Taylor Swift might not have started the high waisted trend, but she certainly put it on the map. Now sorority girls everywhere are wearing high waisted jeans, high waisted shorts, high waisted jorts, and anything else that they look good in.
So, if you’re trying to stay trendy, you definitely need to begin wearing high waisted clothes. It’s currently very popular right now.

2. Parachute Pants

Apparently the 1980s are coming back around again, because parachute pants have suddenly found their way back in style and sorority girls freaking love them. They are made of nylon, they are often tight fitting, and if happen to find yourself in a breakdancing competition, then you’ll absolutely have the right attire for the big event!
But getting serious for a minute, these pants are comfortable, stylish, and very functional. So try not to laugh if it seems crazy that parachute pants are back in style. Instead, pick up a pair and see how much you like them too.

3. Flannel Shirts Tied around the Waist
Accentuating your waist is very important in 2018. It’s the perfect way to boost your confidence among other things. If you aren’t wearing high waisted pants, you may want to tie a flannel shirt around your waist instead. This popular trend is picking up steam and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. So get with the program and remember to bring your flannel shirt the next time you’re headed for a night on the town.

4. Thigh High Black Socks
Guys all over the world are incredibly excited to find out that thigh high black socks are back in style with sorority girls. Some people might try to convince you that this look is trashy, but nothing could be further from the truth.
As long as you accessorize correctly, you can pull off thigh high black socks and look preppy, sexy, and totally amazing all at the same time. Black socks balance out your look and go well with just about every other color. You can pair these socks with a black skirt, a cream top, and a sexy pair of boots and you’ll turn heads and break hearts without even trying.
Some women pull off thigh high black socks better than others. If you like this look, we feel you should go for it because it’s currently one of the hottest sorority trends at the moment.

Final Thoughts
Keeping up at the latest sorority trends is never the easiest thing to do. Beauty and fashion come and go all the time so you have to keep on top of things. If you’re busy with school, just take our advice and stick to the trends we shared today and you’ll have no trouble fitting in with the rest of your sorority gal pals.

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