4 Effortless Bodyweight Routines You Can Carry Out on Campus

Bodyweight exercises are one of the most accessible types of workout. You don’t need any heavy equipment or a gym to do them. Still, if you’re not a fan of sports in general, doing hundreds of squats or jumping jacks does not sound that exciting. Bodyweight workouts are supposed to train your endurance after all.

Luckily, there are a few easy strategies to start doing them. As a student, you’re already loaded with projects, assignments, and deadlines to meet. But you can squeeze a workout session on campus even into the busiest schedule. And you don’t even have to hit the gym for it. So, here are four easy bodyweight workouts to choose from.

An Hour Workout a Few Times a Week

You don’t have to exercise every day. One of the most realistic approaches here is picking three days a week (say Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) for a long hour-long workout session. And if you struggle to clear your schedule, turn to the write my paper to help you out with less important assignments. This will give you time to care about your health. 

There is no one way to structure your bodyweight workout. Pick exercises that you like to do the most or that focus on the body parts you’d like to work on more. You don’t have to do planks if you hate it. There are plenty to choose from. Try out burpees, bicycle crunches, or mountain climbers. Stick to no more than five exercises for a work out though.

There is no need to overdo it. Pick five exercises to do five times. For example, you’ll do 20 squats, 15 lunges, 10 jumping jacks, 10 bicycle crunches, and 5 burpees five times with thirty-second or one-minute breaks. Adapt the time and intensity to your fitness and overall feeling. And don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout this long workout.

20 min Workout in Your Room

Maybe, an intense and long workout session is not for you. Especially, if you’re not that keen on exercising. Trick your brain into doing sports with a short 20 min workout instead. Thus, it doesn’t feel overwhelming but is still effective. With bodyweight exercises, it’s extremely important to stay consistent as your main goal is to train endurance and resistance to gravity. So, short workouts are ideal for staying on track. To make yourself feel better about this workout, a good option would be to find a service that provides essays for sale. In this way, you will give your mind a break and your body a good workout to maintain good health. 

It’s advisable to stick to the same time of the day. If you’d rather deal with your workouts in the morning, do it before classes. Or, maybe evening exercise works best for you instead. Whatever you choose, make sure to stick to it. Thus, you have a workout routine without even noticing it much just spending 20 minutes per day exercising. 

The plan for the actual bodyweight workout can be the same as for the long one. Pick a few exercises and do them at intervals. Just make sure to fit it into twenty minutes. Meaning shorter breaks and less quantity of squats or any other chosen exercise. But in some periods it is difficult to fit in even a 20 min workout in your schedule. So, turn to the best essay writing services, if you’re crushed by assignments during midterms. Remember that bodyweight workouts are a commitment worth making. 

Spell Your Major Layout

A fun way to spice up your bodyweight workout is to spell your major while exercising. The way it works is you pick an exercise for each letter from your major and do it 5 to 20 times. You can pick an exercise and its quantity yourself, or you can search for such a layout on the Internet. Whatever is more suitable for you.

Let’s say your major is Economics. So, here’s how your workout based on spelling could look like: 

  • E – 15 jumping jacks 

  • C – 20 squats

  • O – 5 burpees

  • N – 15 lunges

  • M – 10 high knees

  • I – 15 bicycle crunches

  • S – 30-sec plank

 This approach is perfect if you feel discouraged by rigid workout planning. Of course, you need to follow a certain level of discipline with sports. But it doesn’t have to be all serious and super intense. And spelling your major bodyweight workout is just one of the ways to make it more fun and interactive.  

Stairs Workout

Finally, there is one accessible piece of equipment that is majorly underutilized. And it’s your dorm stairs. Or frankly any public stairs outside on campus. Going up and down the stairs is a bodyweight exercise in itself. So, just including that in your daily routine can count as some sort of workout. But you can be more mindful of this free equipment and build your workout around it. 

For example, you can go up and down three times, stop and do 5-10 squats. And then any other exercise of your choice next time. There are also alternatives to walking up and down the stairs themselves. You can speed up your tempo or do wider steps by omitting one or two planks. As with any suggested bodyweight workout, it’s very flexible. And that’s what makes it perfect for doing on-campus sports at your pace and comfort. It’ll just take a bit of planning. 

But be sure to pick the right time for your stairs workout. It shouldn’t be a busy hour like a lunch break. You wouldn’t be able to do much of working out with dozens of students marching up and down. Just be smart about it. Maybe, pick the straits that are rarely used anyway.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it. If you’d like to improve your endurance and strength, bodyweight workouts are just what you need. And luckily, they are very flexible and adaptable for on-campus sports. You can do them anywhere from your dorm room to an outdoor workout under the tree.

Try a long one-hour workout three times a week. Or, you can pick a 20 min one to do every day. You can also try a fun version of spelling your major with exercises. Or, you can go to your nearest stairs and hit some serious work out there by combining going up and down with other bodyweight exercises of your choice.