4 Celebs You Don’t Want to See Without Makeup

Photo: INFdaily.com

Gwen Stefani is a notable fashion and beauty icon and she is appearing on the November cover of InStyle. In an interview with the magazine she reveals that she wears makeup 24/7, even when she stays home.

Um, is this chick kidding?

The No Doubt singer is the mother of two youngins for God’s sake. Does she really have the time and energy to put makeup on EVERY DAY while caring for her toddlers? I don’t think Gwen is a liar, I KNOW she is a liar.

The ladies out there know that putting on a new face is a process, especially when you want to do it right. Sure, if you’re going out in public or passing the paparazzi then, by all means, slap on some beauty products. But to doll yourself up to just sit at home watching Spongebob Squarepants with a three and five-year-old, well, what’s the point? It is simply unnecessary. Plus, Gwen is pretty enough to go without.

I’m sure this statement has nothing to do with her being a L’Oreal spokes model either, right?

While this blonde beauty can afford to cool it down and give those red lips a break, there are a hand full of celebs out there who cannot.

Celebs who MUST Keep on the Makeup

Although the often claimed “Hollywood natural beauties” do exist, there are many less fortunate celebs that need to slap on some Revlon or put a paper bag over their head.

Britney Spears – We’ve all seen her bare-faced and bald and I’m sure some of us still get goosebumps even visualizing it. I know I do. There is, however, a slight possibility that the singer may have been able to pull off the Sinead O’Connor thing if she took the time to conceal those raccoon eyes and glide on some gloss. (Anything was worth a shot after that train wreck).

Miley Cyrus – This Disney princess should stick to makeup at all times too, as the pictures of her all-naturale aren’t a pretty sight, take my word for it.

Christina Aguilera – Hollywood’s favorite drag queen should always keep her face on.  Although her style may be considered overdone for some, I think the red hot lips and black liner suit this pop princess.

Madonna – If her veiny skeletal hands are any indication of what lies underneath that face (think crypt keeper – Google at your own risk), my recommendation for her is to primp like it’s the Grammy’s every day of the week.

Photo: INFdaily.com

It’s Okay to Go Natural

To be fair, I must mention those select few who are lucky enough, like Gwen, to have the luxury of skipping the layers of makeup all together. A celebrity such as Kim Kardashian can definitely take a break from all the cake on her face. She always looks stunning, whether it’s on a reality show, sex tape or whatever else she is famous for doing. Ditto for Halle Berry. She can brave the public sans makeup without question, as her face is flawless. And then of course there is Jennifer Aniston, who you never see over or under done, striking the right balance every time.

The lesson here is to know your strengths and weaknesses. Celebs like Gwen don’t need to waste their time with all these cosmetics because their beauty is the real thing. For those starlets who I’ve mentioned– don’t take your fame for granted and scare away your fans. Pile on that makeup like it’s going out of style and always put your best face forward.

Brooke Niemeyer is an entertainment junkie and a regular contributor for USDish. You can follow her on Twitter @RNYBrooke