3 Factors to Consider in Choosing a Diamond Pendant

Posted by admin on October 29th, 2019

How do you accessorize a little black dress or a crisp, white shirt? Why not try upgrading your look with a stunning diamond pendant? This beautiful piece of jewelry adds sophistication to even the simplest of outfits. A woman will feel more confident and powerful with this brilliant symbol of hope and love on her neck.

With a dazzling array of diamond pendants available in stores and online, any girl would be at a loss on how to find the perfect “friend.”  Here are some factors to consider in choosing the right diamond pendant for you:

1.Shape and Style

Choose a style that fits your personality. The popular solitaire pendant consists of a single diamond set on the end of a chain. This simple, yet classic jewelry can make an everyday outfit look more polished and stylish. It can beautifully go from daytime to nighttime.

There are also diamond pendants that have different shapes, such as round, heart, or star. There are also unusual ones with abstract shapes. 

Choose a shape and style based on versatility. It must pair well with the clothes in the wardrobe. The perfect pendant will also compliment other jewelry like bracelets and earrings

2. Setting

The metal base that holds the diamonds in place is called the setting. It enhances the brilliance and beauty of the stones. The diamond pendant settings usually come in platinum or gold. These metals do not tarnish or wear out. 

The platinum setting is significantly more expensive than gold. Gold, on the other hand, is a more versatile and budget-friendly choice. It comes in white rose and yellow. There are two purity levels to choose from – 14k and 18k.

There are also two setting styles – prong and bezel. Prong setting allows the stone to interact with the light on all angles. It makes the diamond shine and sparkle beautifully. Bezel settings envelop a diamond with metal. It is more secure, but it can only show one side of the diamond. Thus, minimizing its brilliance.

3. Diamond Quality

When choosing a diamond, always keep the four Cs in mind.

Carat – a one-carat diamond is recommended because it can be noticeable without being over-the-top. A size higher than one may show imperfections in color and clarity. 

Color – Choose the color of the diamond based on the setting. For example, a diamond near colorless range will look best on a white gold setting. On the other hand, a diamond on the lower color scale will be perfect on a yellow or rose gold setting.

Clarity – Scrutinize the diamond for any flaws or impurities that may see on the visible part of the diamond. If the defects do not affect the brilliance and integrity of the stone, then a few imperfections would still make it precious.

Cut – Remember that a brilliant sparkle results from a perfectly cut diamond. Ideal cut stone is the best since it has reduced to the exact proportions. Observe how the diamond sparkles with light.


A diamond pendant is an excellent piece of investment jewelry. It not only enhances a woman’s allure, but it also expresses the beauty of her soul as well. The perfect pendant choice can be passed on for generations to come.

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