Diablo 4 Guide – What is the error code 316703 selected party member was not found ?

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diablo 4 error code 316703

The “Selected Party Member Was Not Found (error code 316703)” is just one of the many bugs that will inevitably be present in the Diablo 4 Beta Test. In this article, we’ll go over the specifics of this error and the steps you can take to fix it.

Diablo 4 Guide – What is the selected party member was not found error code 316703 ?

This error occurs when you try to play Co-op and one of the party members disconnects. When the booted-out player attempts to rejoin the game, they are greeted with the message “Selected Party Member Was Not Found (error code 316703).”

Other members of the party who were not disconnected should be fine. Unless, of course, they encounter an unexpected error. There appears to be no specific trigger for this, as a variety of random actions may result in a sudden disconnect. Even if their online Party Members disband said party, the unfortunate one will be unable to log back into the game.

The only solution appears to be to restart the game, but facing that inhuman queue time again doesn’t sound appealing. The “real solution” would be to avoid playing Co-op at all costs, but that goes against the whole point of playing an online game, especially if you’ve been waiting all week to play it with your friends.

Exploration and dungeons are also a lot more fun with more people, so I wouldn’t recommend isolating yourself just to avoid one mistake. Whether you’re playing solo or cooperative, there are an infinite number of people who can hit you, so don’t ruin your own fun for nothing. Just hope you don’t get hit by any of them, and you’ll be fine. Again, this is a Beta test, so bugs are to be expected.

That’s everything you need to know about the error code 316703 in Diablo 4 Beta.