8 Best Minecraft houses ideas 2022 : treehouses, modern houses …

What is the Best Minecraft houses ideas ?

To make any building in Minecraft, you will only need to place blocks to make walls. Place blocks on top of each other to build some walls and make a roof by placing blocks next to each other on top.

List 8 Best Minecraft houses ideas 2022 :

1. Minecraft underground house

Folli brings us our first underground Minecraft house, which you can enter and exit from the four cardinal directions. Soft Glowstone and understated decorations also give this subterranean base a warm and comforting vibe.

2. Minecraft Medieval House

Medieval houses in Minecraft come in all shapes and sizes. You might want a sturdy Minecraft castle built of stone, housing gothic cobblestone features, creepy fireplaces, and a hidden lair.

3. Minecraft Japanese house

4. Minecraft Modern House

If you crave a more modern aesthetic for your new Minecraft house, check out the below builds for inspiration.

5. Minecraft Beach House

6. Minecraft Wooden House

These mostly wooden Minecraft houses are perfect examples of how you can create a beautiful home without spending days and days gathering exotic materials!

7. Minecraft treehouse

8. Minecraft suburban house