Shanina Shaik Reveals Her Top Beauty Secrets

Posted by PZ on November 26th, 2015

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Australian top model Shanina Shaik has opened up on her personal beauty secrets, revealing her must-have products that she can’t live without. Shanina always has a moisturiser product nearby and keeps her makeup look light, usually opting for concealer and mascara. She also swears by natural oils to keep her skin hydrated while on the move:

“Definitely a moisturiser, it’s always important to travel with a good moisturiser. I like to use a La Mer or Kora Organics. Travelling with your skincare products is really important. Concealer, I use a Nars Concealer, I also always like to have a mascara, I use Maybelline NY Great Lash — wherever you go or whatever you’re doing it wakes up your eyes! Also an oil, like a rosehip oil, especially when you travel a lot, for your skin, your hair and even your hands.”

Revealing her daily beauty regime, Shanina says she keeps it simple but makes sure to cleanse, tone and moisturise. She only exfoliates once a week but also sees a facialist. Her go-to makeup look is very minimal and natural:

“On an average day I always cleanse, tone and moisturise — I also like to exfoliate once a week. I also go to a facialist in NYC Christine Chin and she has her own line too, a lot of the other girls go to her. With a fresh face I usually just put on a little concealer and mascara and that’s really my go-to for everyday. I’m lucky my hair is naturally a bit curly, wavy and beachy, or sometimes I’ll put in a tong or two. I tend to be really low maintenance.”

Sharing her top makeup tip, Shanina advises to mix foundation with moisturiser to create a more natural look that is less mask-like:

“If you want to apply foundation or cover-up, mix it with your moisturiser first — don’t just use the foundation alone. I find it goes into your skin and gives it a more natural look, so you don’t get what I call ‘the mask.’ Nobody wants that over-makeup look.”


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