Scarlett Johansson Hopes to Try Her Hand at Directing

Posted by PZ on June 17th, 2017

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Actress Scarlett Johansson has revealed that she plans to try her hand at directing in the near future and she has already started to develop ideas for her directorial debut which she is excited about. Scarlett says that she is planning ahead and has already purchased the rights to a few books that have sparked her interest. She comments that she may turn them in to films in the future and it’s one option she is open to. She revealed:

 ”I want to get into directing and I will at some point. I already bought the rights to some books. I’m in a point at my life where I’m sure of my choices and I’m interested in so many different things. I love art and galleries and music.”

Scarlett, who has previously released her own solo album, also says she has started singing in a girl band recently and she has many different interests. She comments on her time as a teenager when she would spend a lot of her time looking through libraries and theatres for inspiration:

”I formed an all-girl band The One and Only Singles, it’s something that I’ve always loved. I had so many different interests growing up, I used to go around Greenwich Village, back when it wasn’t popular or cool, and just browse around in libraries and theatres, and then I started acting. The only thing I regret is not having gone to college. The reason I live in New York, far from Hollywood, is because I need to feel a city around me.”

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