Sarah Jessica Parker Steals Beauty Secrets From Other Women

Posted by PZ on November 13th, 2015


Former ‘Sex and the City’ actress Sarah Jessica Parker now has her own empire. With successful perfumes and a shoe line, she has transformed herself into a business woman. The busy mom explains that when it comes to beauty, she often looks to other women and likes to steal their tips for staying gorgeous. She explained:

“I learn a lot from other women and I try to be crafty about asking them. But I’m pretty good about washing my face, even when I’m tired. My husband (actor Matthew Broderick) is always like, ‘What does it matter?’ because he has perfect skin. And I also wear fragrance-free moisturiser and SPF30 on my face and body.”

Sarah Jessica also adds that she doesn’t put much time into styling her hair and often just washes it and goes to bed with it wet. She says it’s the quickest way to deal with her locks because she doesn’t have time to style it, although she does like having it professionally styled from time to time:

“I can’t do my hair. I shower and I go to sleep with my head wet, and I let the chips fall where they may. I think I’m like most women in (that) I do what I have to do to get the kids out the door and be presentable at a meeting. Practicality dictates. And every now and then you’re in a skilled hairdresser’s very capable hands and you can just read a book, and that’s nice.”

Her signature perfume ‘Lovely’ turned 10 this year and the actress reveals she is always working on new scent ideas. She even believes perfume can work with a hint of body odour:

“A little bit of body odour, not across the board for everybody, is kind of sexy. There was a fragrance that I wanted to do about six or seven years ago, and we didn’t do it – a genderless fragrance, which now is what everyone is about, and the (base note) to it is body odour. Now I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ve been telling ya.'”


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