Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Finds Lingerie Shoots Empowering

Posted by PZ on October 20th, 2017

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British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley believes lingerie shoots can be empowering even though they’re often seen as negative. The beauty, who previously modelled for Victoria’s Secret before designing her own lingerie collection for Marks & Spencer, always has a powerful and strong vision of a woman in her head when she poses in underwear shoots, and thinks there can be an overall empowering message:

”There can be backlash and people who think it’s derogatory to women but everyone wears lingerie. The thing that I’m always mindful of is when that I’m posing for an image, the photographer needs to empower me and women. I want there to be a strength there, a strong sexiness in the final image.”

Rosie always prepares for shoots beforehand by deciding on the message she wants to send in the final photos and she tries to communicate that to the camera:

”It’s all to do with preparation before you go on set and what message you want to send through that photograph.”

Speaking on working hard on her own brand, Rosie explains that it felt like the perfect time and she was ready to branch out that way, even though she felt it was a risk at the time. She now finds the work she does very fulfilling:

”I got the opportunity to work on my own brand and it was the right time to take that leap and risk. I felt ready for it. For me, there’s something so much more fulfilling about working on my own brand rather than working for a brand.”


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