Riley Keough Matches Her Makeup to Her Outfit

Posted by PZ on January 15th, 2016

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Actress Riley Keough has opened up on how she likes to apply her makeup. When she’s attending an event, Riley comments that she’ll match her outfit to her beauty look, so if she’s getting glammed up she’ll create a full beauty look but will still try to look quite natural too. She explained that it all depends on her fashion choices:

“My make-up always depends on what I’m wearing. Tonight, it’s a sparkly dress, so I’m not going to go HAM with my makeup, y’know? I prefer to look natural usually, not do anything too wild. (Hung Vanngo) is doing my make-up tonight and he’s so good at that natural, sexy look without going overboard.”

Commenting on her beauty secrets, Riley explains that she has begun using a retinal product that she has already seen make a difference to her skin quality:

“I just started seeing Shani Darden (aesthetician) after a friend recommended her to me. She has this retinol called Reform that I use at night before I go to bed, and it is so good.”

When it comes to fragrance, Riley says she has no signature scent and regularly changes her perfume depending on the occasion. For daywear, she loves natural scents but for evening she prefers to smell very elegant and refined:

“My perfume is constantly changing. It’s not so much that I get bored, as I just really feel like certain scents are better for different occasions.  spend a lot of time in Hawaii, so when I’m there I like more natural, floral, hippie kinds of smells. Then when I go out, I like something more elegant, fancy… like Norell. To me, it smells like what a classic movie star would smell like, but it’s a little bit younger.”


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